We do not pride in doing everything

We do not pride in doing everything

"We explore what we have mastered"

With the clear business goals of maximizing business impact.

Verviant strives to ensure that software solutions reduce cost and maximize business impact. Our simple yet powerful philosophy recognizes that IT in your business must run on business principles, creating more business value, while also supporting existing services at lower cost.

We employ the best IT talent in the industry in working with Proprietary and Open Source software platforms to deliver comprehensive, customer-focused solutions for clients across the Globe.


Our areas of expertise in software development include:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Microsoft Visual Studio.NET / Visual Studio Application Development
  • PHP Web Applications
  • J2EE Software Development
  • Database Development: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence

Solutions we have mastered!

Over the years, we have learnt, grown and become passionate about a few things.

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