We have found our calling.

We have found our calling.

"Now lets create yours!"

About Us

Verviant collaborates with clients to help them maximize their technology return on investment.

With a highly skilled workforce, proven technology management and software development, Verviant enables companies to keep overheads low by concentrating on their core business and outsourcing the peripheral services.

Verviant consulting Services is committed to making a positive statement in the Information Technology world by providing a one stop shop for Web development, Software and Mobile application development that provides premier quality software whilst assisting employees to be confident, competent and caring individuals committed to efficient delivery and standards of excellence.

Our Objectives

  1. Committed to delivering innovative and cost effective solutions
  2. Maximise return on technology investment
  3. Deploy cost effective solutions that help improve our Clients performance.
  4. Reduce IT total cost of ownership by using Open Source Software
  • Plan

    We brainstorm and explore possible solutions, come up with clear work-flows to provide clear objectives of project and act as guideline.

  • Develop

    We use guidelines set above to build a prototype and iteratively fine-tune and improve till we get to beta-testing and onto the final version.

  • Deploy

    We train the client on usage of product, handover all Documentation and take the product Live!.

Our Values

  • we K.I.S.S

    We believe in "Keep It Simple Stupid" - We are committed to delivering simple, innovative and cost effective solutions.

  • we ADAPT

    we understand Enterprise best practices and project methodologies and put them to work for our clients. We do not believe in "One size fits all" so we help our clients to create solutions that are a perfect fit for their business.

  • we DELIVER

    Verviant is derived from 'Verve'- enthusiasm, vigor, spirit, liveliness, aptitude,, talent. Our team is comprised of talented and highly skilled professionals who deliver.

Our Clients

We have served clients in different countries and industries.

Solutions we have mastered!

Over the years, we have learnt, grown and become passionate about a few things.

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